Ms. Sadie and the Whale

She decided she’d row all damn day if she had to.

The first harpoon had pulled her bathtub dangerously close to the water line rising inexorably in her bathroom. The line, taut and dripping from the force pulling it as far out to sea as the tiled floor would allow, vibrated with the beast’s strength.

She had taken on some water. “No good,” she thought. She bailed as much as she could and went back to scanning the odd undulations and swells of the water rising steadily from every pore of the tile floor in her bathroom. Luckily, though, the tub wasn’t sinking. It wasn’t quite rising either.

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(io9 short)

“Bob,” the creature composed of flame greeted the hulking mass of muscle and sinew wrapped in smooth fur with a nod. It sat down with a fwump as part of it’s suit extinguished on the subway seat.

“Qhhqt.” A soft, deep voice replied from within the lower part of the creature’s shaggy head. “Qhhqt?”

“Oh you know,” the flaming suit replied. “The usual. Chandra screwed up my coffee, the bodega was out of fresh oranges, and my wife…Ooh my wife.”


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Massimo’s last volley

Massimo gaped at the grenade, feeling time slow to a crawl and wondering at it hanging there. Giovanni had winked at him as he cocked his left arm to throw it. Giovanni’s eyes read the vaffanculo of their uprising as he turned his head back to the state troops. A wry grin creased his lips.

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Crichton’s best line

“Life…ah…has found a way, uh…sir.” Jones was struggling to keep his face composed as he wondered if the Captain would catch what Jones considered a rather clever turn of phrase.

“It would seem so, Jones…it would seem so.”

There was a pause as the Captain picked up the microphone. When he had gathered his thoughts, Captain Nelson of the Courser Peregrine, clicked over the relay and spoke.

“Attention crew of the Peregrine, we have contact with an unknown ship, all hands report and prepare to engage. Ready all. I repeat, ready all.” Continue reading