The Potted Calamity

Uh, hey Doc it’s me. It’s Larry.

Sorry I’m, uh, calling so late but I’m kinda running in the red, you know? Like, my engine’s running a bit too hard for the car or something. Wow, that sounds bad. Uh, don’t worry it’s nothing bad.

Well…nothing bad yet.

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Crichton’s best line

“Life…ah…has found a way, uh…sir.” Jones was struggling to keep his face composed as he wondered if the Captain would catch what Jones considered a rather clever turn of phrase.

“It would seem so, Jones…it would seem so.”

There was a pause as the Captain picked up the microphone. When he had gathered his thoughts, Captain Nelson of the Courser Peregrine, clicked over the relay and spoke.

“Attention crew of the Peregrine, we have contact with an unknown ship, all hands report and prepare to engage. Ready all. I repeat, ready all.” Continue reading